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  • 24/7 NJ MAT Provider Hotline!  CLICK HERE
  • NEW Suboxone White Paper from the DEA CLICK HERE 
  • Download the PowerPoint Slide Deck  for “The Covid Conundrum.” CLICK HERE 
  • Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Psychiatry: Why it Matters – CLICK HERE
  • The War on Drugs and its Effect on Shaping our Perspectives of Patients who Use Drugs – CLICK HERE
  • Dr. Baxter on Urine drug screen guidelines – Recorded meeting (passcode: t1cP2?GR)  CLICK HERE

Be Aware To Educate

From prevention to sustained recovery, we infuse best-in-class science with compassion to support families caring for a child or loved one struggling with substance use.

Addiction is a complex disease, often chronic in nature, which affects the functioning of the brain and body. It also causes serious damage to families, relationships, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. The most common symptoms of addiction are severe loss of control, continued use despite serious consequences, preoccupation with using, failed attempts to quit, tolerance and withdrawal.
To understand a drug, you need to understand its effects, why people use it.
Alcoholism is a disease. For most people,
Starting an NA meeting can be relatively easy. NA meetings may vary greatly in structure and format, however,
Mental health is an undeniably important matter, yet most people don’t have access to the resources they need.

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